You wouldn’t dream of walking into the office of a potential customer and reading a litany of products, services, and prices. You introduce yourself, explore the customer’s needs, demonstrate how your product or service will meet those needs, and tell how you have produced results for others. Your brochure should do exactly the same thing and it continues to represent your company when you are not present.

A rack card is typically about the same size as the front of your tri-fold brochure, but printed on card stock. These hold less information than a brochure.

Flyers are actually advertisements — hand held, to be sure, but still they’re advertising. The purpose to is to make the reader take some action — buy something or go somewhere or do something.  

Posters are stationary, but when place where there is a lot of traffic, they can bring customers to your event. They are generally used as short-term advertising.

How can you maximize the impact? Like all printed pieces, a little planning can make sure your message is received. Before you start, jot down the critical information on a piece of paper. Because of the size and the fact that your audience can look as long as they like, you have a unique opportunity to give more information than would be possible in the newspaper, billboard or on the radio.

One of the smallest, but most effective advertising tools, business cards can do much more than provide your contact information. They can be used as coupons, they can point customers to a specific place — either social media locations or locations in your store.

Production of business cards has come a long way in the last few years. Plastic or metal cards are unique...laser engraved cards are eye-catching. Foil on cards used to be a choice of silver or gold; now you can have just about any color. Ask your designer for something different and more useful than plain paper cards. 

If you're in the restaurant business, you may already know there's a lot more to a menu than just listing the items and the prices. Did you know that placement on the menu can influence what the customer orders? Readability is key, too, if you know your intended audience. Let a professional help make your menu outstanding!

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