It's a long way from teaching special education students to directing non profit organizations to owning your own graphics business.

Here's the condensed version:
I went to school to be an educator. That was before there were many materials for special education students, so I learned to make my own. I moved from education into the private sector and graduated from student materials to newsletters, membership programs, and even signage and logo design. I got these extra "assignments" because there was no one else to do them. I was dissatisfied with the results from "experts" hired at exorbitant prices. The artwork and workmanship crossing my desk was not how I wanted to be represented. Neccessity being the mother of invention, I learned to do it myself.

I graduated to computer design in 1985. Because I enjoy learning new skills and technology marches on, I have had to learn an ever-growing number of programs. I can write a decent sentence, my design skills are above average and lots of people pay me for my work.

So here I am.

If you were an object, what would you be? Me? I'm a Swiss army knife. Capable of diverse tasks,  a bargain at twice the price, well designed and more utilitarian than beautiful.


Fluent in
Corel Draw X7
InDesign CS
PhotoShop CS
Illustrator CS
Dreamweaver CS
Adobe Acrobat
Microsoft Office
   (Word, Excel, Front Page, Publisher & Power Point) QuickBooks Pro

Skilled in graphics manipulation, including conversion of files to usable formats (raster to vector) and photographic enhancement.